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This connector has been deprecated and is no longer available.

Existing customers that are currently using the connector may continue to do so.

Customers that would like to establish a new connection to a Webconnex product (RegFox, TicketSpice, RegPodium, and GivingFuel) should use Zapier instead. .

Additional information on Zapier can be found by clicking here.



Connect Webconnex apps like Ticketspice to Kindful to help handle fundraising online, in-person, and at events.

GivingFuel provides simple, affordable tools to help any organization maximize their donations. It has everything you need to reach your goals. We put YOU in total control: your branding, your design, your customization.

TicketSpice the only online ticketing platform that gives you total control of your ticketing... ticket options, pricing, convenience fees, branding, funding and more. TicketSpice is the most powerful ticketing solution ever! 

RegFox is simple, intuitive yet incredibly powerful.RegFox is the most flexible registration system on the market today. RegFox is packed with features like conditional logic, deposits, badge printing and more.

RedPodium was created specifically for fundraising events like 5ks, fun runs, cycling events, endurance events, and more. Use our simple interface to manage registration options, pricing, teams, fundraising, etc.

This integration was built, and is supported primarily by Webconnex. It was built specifically for their product GivingFuel, but may be used for some of their other products with some limitations. For any questions or troubleshooting, your best resource will be  the Webconnex support team.

To see all data that Webconnex has sent to Kindful, you can find Apps > Connected Apps in your left navigation. 



How to Connect

1) Start from the Kindful App Directory
2) Find Webconnex, choose to Connect
3) On the Webconnex platform (while logged into Webconnex) choose to 'Add New Integration'
4) Choose Kindful and authorize Webconnex to connect to Kindful
5) Choose the forms that you would like to sync to Kindful (or Select All)
6) Turn integration 'Status' On

Click here for more detailed steps in Webconnex. Please note that these instructions to connect GivingFuel can also be used to connect either TicketSpice, RegFox or RedPodium.

The Sync

Contacts and transactions will be imported from Webconnex into Kindful. The integration will not sync in any historical Webconnex data prior to the moment of connection. If you need to bring historical data into Kindful, this must be imported.

Webconnex Field Kindful Transaction
Created At Created At
Charge Id Transactions Id
Gross Registration Amount Transaction Amount
Currency Currency
Transaction Time Transaction Time
Passing in General Fund
Passing in "1" Fund Id
Credit Card Type
Order Number Note
Non Tax Ded Amount*** Non Tax Ded Amount***
Regfox Campaign Campaign
Regfox Campaign Id Campaign Id
Regfox Campaign Event Id
Regfox Campaign Id Event Id
Card Type Card Type
Webconnex Field Kindful Contact
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Email Email
Address** Address 1**
City** City**
State** State**
Postal** Postal**
Country** Country**
Primary Phone** Primary Phone**

 **The default information collected is First Name, Last Name, and Email. Additional Contact information such as Address will only sync to Kindful when a monetary transaction occurs. The address fields that sync will be based on billing info of the person making the payment. If no monetary transaction takes place (e.g. a "free" event registration), only the First Name, Last Name, and Email address will be brought into Kindful.

***If you have any questions about the tax deductible information that is being sent from Webconnex into Kindful, we advise reaching out to Webconnex directly.

Data Sync Frequency

 Real time, upon Webconnex form submission. Webconnex (Giving Fuel specifically) only sends successful transaction records to Kindful. Using Kindful's API (which is how Webconnex sends data to Kindful), there is not a way to send over a declined transaction. You can send over a transaction, then update it to say it is refunded, but you cannot send over an unsuccessful transaction from the onset.

Understanding the Mapping

A Webconnex form will be mapped to a Campaign in Kindful. For each new form that you choose to sync to Kindful, a corresponding Campaign will be created in Kindful.

Can I choose to sync all of my forms to Kindful?

Yes, you can choose "Select All" and send data from all Webconnex forms to Kindful.

Matching Transactions in Kindful to the Original Transaction in Webconnex

Webconnex also imports a unique Webconnex ID with each transaction sent to Kindful as a transaction note.

Available Currencies

Only transactions made in USD will sync

What payment gateways are Webconnex products compatible with?

A helpful article on this topic can be found here.

Webconnex Plan Requirements for Sync

Webconnex allows for customers on any price tier to connect to integrations. 

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