Step 3: Setup Your Donation Page


This is the third step in our Getting Started Guide.

Now that you've entered your basic settings into Kindful and have connected a payment gateway, it's time to create your donation page so your donors can give.

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Setting Up Your Main Donation Page

After you've logged in to Kindful, go to Fundraising, then Main Donation Page. This will be where you can customize your primary donation page. Here is what the Main Donation Page Settings look like:


Of Note: Your main donation page will show all campaigns that are marked as Visible to the Public. All newly created Campaigns are visible by default. If you wish to not show certain campaigns on your main donation page, please reference our article on how to Create or Edit a Campaign to see the steps to mark a Campaign as not visible to the public.

Image Layout


Choose from either a full-screen background image to show off your vision, or select a marquee image if you need more text to share your story.

Either choice will display a preview on the right side of the screen, as shown below.

To create a page that gives more space so you can increase the amount of characters allowed on the main donation page (e.g. information on stock options, wiring checks, etc.), please choose the Marquee Image setup, which increases the amount of text available to be shown below the image.


Enter a Description

enter_description.pngEnter in a short phrase about the purpose of your organization and why you're seeking donations.

Set Default Donation Amounts



These are the amounts your donors can choose from when making a donation. They can also enter in a custom amount if they prefer. You have up to 4 options you can set.

Upload Your Image

Upload the image from your computer to show as either your background or marquee image, depending on your earlier selection.


Choose a Theme Color


Use one of our pre-loaded theme colors, or upload your custom hex value to match your website's branding.

Submission Button Text


Control the CTA word or short phrase your donors see when making a donation.

Additional Layouts

Some Organizations may see this portion appear at the bottom of their donation page. This is controlled automatically based on the Organization Type that is chosen in General Settings. Organization types such as Political types will see this.


Add a Disclaimer Statement/Privacy Policy

You have an option for description text on your donation page, which can be edited by clicking the "Main Donation Page" tab on this page:

Keep in mind there is a character limit there, and limited formatting options, but this would be the only text displayed on the main donation page.

Alternately, depending on the language used, you could include this information in the "Refund Policy" or "Privacy Policy" fields of your general settings. Donors would need to click the "Refund" or "Privacy" link at the bottom right corner of the donation page to see this. 

Copy Donation Page URL

Select Copy URL to copy the weblink of your donation page into your computer's clipboard. You can then paste the link onto your website, email, or social media accounts to share with others.


Next Steps

You're officially ready to accept donations! You can see the sample donation page outlined above here. Continue on the Quick Start Guide to Step 4: Add Users.


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