Mail Sync

Connect your Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, Hotmail or AOL email account to track interactions with contacts in your database. 

No more sending an email to a donor only to go back and manually note the records in Kindful. Keep the entire team informed. Save soliciting team members time for fundraising tasks.

One connected email address is free. If you need more than one connected email address, for $25 a month, you can connect up to 6 email addresses to your Kindful account. 




This article gives a brief introduction to Kindful's Mail Sync feature. This is a paid feature, and is separate from email marketing integrations (i.e. Mailchimp or Constant Contact).

If you're interested in enabling this feature, please reach out to our Support team. If you're looking for information about email marketing integrations, learn more here.

View Mail Sync in the App Directory

(Note: only Account Owners & Staff users can access the App Directory)



  • Kindful admin user account required
  • Mail Sync subscription required. Contact to add the subscription to your account. Mail Sync is free for one email connection but you will still need to add the subscription to access the option to connect.
  • For paid customers only.


When you connect an email account to Kindful using Mail Sync, Kindful will take record of every email that is sent between the connected email account and any of your contacts in Kindful.

You can connect your work email (e.g. to Kindful, to track email interactions with contacts in your database.

Any email exchanged with that contact will be recorded in Kindful as an email note, and will show in the corresponding contact's record.



Example A: Debbie Donor emails (Mail Sync enabled). Since Debbie has donated to the Matt's Hands organization, she is an existing contact in Kindful. When Jared sends an email to Debbie Donor, Mail Sync will create an email note on her contact record to track the email correspondence.

Example B: is not connected to Mail Sync. When Kate emails Debbie Donor, her email does not appear on Debbie's contact profile in Kindful.




How Mail Sync is shown in Kindful

Emails are shown as an "Email Sent" or "Email Received" activities. Mail Sync will track every email exchange and detail the Sender, Recipient, email subject and email body. Attachments are not saved in Kindful.

When a donor sends you an email, including reply emails, a "sent an email" activity is added to the contact record. "Received an email" indicates that the donor was sent an email from someone using Mail Sync at your organization.


"Sent an email" activity and "Received an email" activity can also be found on your Activity Trail inside of Kindful.

To see your Email activity, Go to "Contacts & Activities", then click on "Activities", and then filter for the "Notes" activity type.

Example Mail_Sync_Email_Example.png

Pro-tip: Mail Sync adds emails to the General Campaign in your account. If you'd like to change the campaign for a specific email, you can edit that email activity's campaign by selecting Edit on the specific activity. Be sure to click Save when making edits to activities in Kindful.

Sync Behavior

  • An email will only sync to Kindful if the contact already exists in Kindful.
  • You can prevent specific emails from being recorded by adding to the BCC field of any given email.

Example C: Fred emails Jared ( to ask about their donation needs. Fred hasn't given before, and his contact doesn't exist in Kindful. Because his contact doesn't exist yet, no parts of that email exchange are recorded in Kindful.


Mail Sync won't track emails between you and your team

Sometimes the email connected Mail Sync will also send/receive emails from other staff members at the same organization. If that staff member has an existing contact in Kindful under their work email, Kindful automatically excludes all email addresses with the same domain name* (e.g., Any emails exchanged with that same domain will not be synced into Kindful.



How many email accounts can I track?

Each admin user can connect one email account for Mail Sync email tracking.

What if I email 2 contacts at once?
Two email notes will be logged for each contact, as long as both contacts exist in your database.

How can I prevent an email from appearing in Kindful?
Add to the BCC line of your email.

Why didn’t an email appear on a Contact record in Kindful?
Verify it was sent to or from an email account connected to Kindful via Mail Sync. View active email connections by going to Mail Sync in the App Directory. Click Update Settings to view the Mail Sync app. 


Check if was entered into the BCC
Verify the correspondence wasn't with someone from the organization’s domain

How can I see all emails I sent to a contact?
You can use a filter to see these emails. In Kindful, go to Activity. In the filter bar (underneath "Current View"), select Add to add a new filter, then type in By Name. Enter the contact's name. Press inside the filter bar again, and add the filter Activity Type then Note. This will show all notes associated with that contact. You can scroll down the list to view all the received an email note types.

How can I see all emails I received from a contact?
You can use a filter to see these emails. In Kindful, go to Activities. In the filter bar called "Current View", select the Add option to begin a new filter, then type in By Name. Enter the contact's name. This will show all activities for the contact found with your search.

Now, we want to find only the notes for this contact. With the By Name filter still applied, click inside the Current View filter bar again, and add the filter Activity Type then Note. This will show all notes associated with that contact. You can scroll down the list to view all the sent an email note types.

How long does it take before the email note appears in Kindful? 
Mail Sync refreshes every 10 minutes.

Can I change or delete the email note in Kindful?
Yes, you can either delete the email note or edit it. Find that note activity by viewing it in the dashboard, on a donor profile, or in Activities. When you expand a note activity in Kindful, both a Delete and an Edit option will appear. Choose Edit to change the note.

What can I edit in an email note?
The contact, subject, date, note type, campaign, note, and attachments fields can be edited. Sender email address, sender name, and message body are not editable to preserve accuracy of your email history.

What if multiple contacts in my database have the same email and I send an email to that email address?

An email note will be added to the contact record with the earliest "Created At" date.

Will my email alias work to connect with Kindful via Mail Sync?

Currently, no -- alias email accounts are not supported with Mail Sync.


    • Kindful admin user account required
    • Mail Sync subscription required
    • For paid customers only.



One connected email is free!

Upgrade for $25 per month for up to 6 users. Billed Monthhly


Mail Sync Pricing

Last updated November 9th, 2018

Email Accounts


0 to 1


2 to 6

$25 monthly

7 to 11

$40 monthly

12 to 16

$55 monthly

17 to 21

$70 monthly

22 to 26

$85 monthly

27 to 31

$100 monthly

32 to 36

$115 monthly


Enable Mail Sync for your account

To enable Mail Sync you will need to subscribe via and request that Mail Sync is added to your subscription.
WITHOUT the Mail Sync Subscription


When Mail Sync is added to your account, you will see a “Connect” option in the app. The Connect button will launch into the Mail Sync app where you will connect your email.
When Mail Sync is added, the "Connect" option displays

Mail Sync enabled with email connections

How to enable Mail Sync for your account:
  1. Be sure you understand the billing structure for Mail Sync: "One connected email is free! Additional connections automatically upgrade your account to a paid subscription at $25 per month for up to 6 users. Pricing for 7+ users available by request. Mail Sync is billed monthly."
  2. Ask the support team to add Mail Sync to your account (even if you intend to just use the one free email connection).
  3. Kindful support will notify you when the Mail Sync subscription is added to your account.
  4. Verify the Connect option is available by going to the app in the Kindful app directory.
Remember: the first connected email is FREE. When two or more users connect an email, Kindful will automatically bill your account each month based on the number of connected emails. 

Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member. 






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