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This article is a glossary of terms used within Kindful as it pertains to common terms and menu items.

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There are plenty of terms thrown around in Kindful. If you ever have questions about what something means or is referring to, you can head back to this list.

Terms from Kindful and the nonprofit world

Accounting Integration The automatic sync of data between an accounting software and a CRM database. Kindful currently integrates with QuickBooks.
Acknowledgement A letter, email, or any other avenue by which a nonprofit acknowledges a donation and thanks the donor. Can be an automated tax receipt.
Activities Any data and detailed information that gets logged in Kindful. This can be as simple as an online credit donation, to a non-cash gift, an email, note, or event registration, and way more.
Campaign An organized effort to raise money for a specific purpose. Campaigns are specific projects that flow into more general Funds.
Complete Historical Tracking All interactions and communication a contact has with an organization (donations, events, notes, purchases, email and mail communication).
Constituent Anyone who is associated with a nonprofit organization. Constituents can be donors, event attendees, email recipients or volunteers – anyone who gets entered into the database.
Contact A record that stores basic information and associated transactions. Contacts can exist for individuals or for organizations.
Contact Duplicate Finder A tool that sifts Kindful to find contacts that are similar, and may be duplicates. The Contact Duplicate Finder can merge two contacts.
Custom Fields Types of contact details created to track additional information that is unique to an organization (such as volunteer information, prospecting stages, interest and involvement)
Data Import Wizard A Kindful tool that allows you to download a spreadsheet template, fill it in with your own data, and import contacts, transactions, or contacts with transactions into Kindful.
Database, Donor Database See Nonprofit CRM
Deduplication The act of merging duplicate records into one unique record. See Contact Duplicate Finder.
Crowdfunding Donation Peer-to-peer fundraising pages in Kindful. Crowdfunding flows into Campaigns. See Peer-to-Peer Fundraising.
Cause Duplicate Record Peer-to-peer fundraising pages in Kindful. Crowdfunding flows into Campaigns. See Peer-to-Peer Fundraising.
Email / Letter Templates The Kindful term for constituent communication. These can be sent via postal mail, such as direct mailings, nonprofit collateral, or hard copies of donor receipts, or they can be sent via email, such as automatically emailed receipts, or year-end tax receipts.
Email Marketing Integration The automatic sync of data between an email marketing service and a CRM database. Kindful currently integrates with Emma, Mailchimp, and Constant Contact.
Filter Search parameters used to segment data within a CRM system in order to create a report. Both activity (donations, interactions, etc.) and contacts can be filtered by specific criteria.
Fund A classification system for categorizing donations and other monies coming into Kindful's database. Funds are general allocations made more specific through Campaigns.
Gift Any monetary entry into the Kindful database. This can be created automatically when a donation is made on a Kindful donation page or through manual entry inside the database. Also known as donation or transaction.
Grant Management Tracking of grant fundraising efforts, such as application progress, foundation information, and reporting progress
Group Kindful term for a collection of contacts based on similar details or criteria. Groups are often synced as segments to email integration services, like Emma and Mailchimp. See Segment.
Hard Credit A database's designation for an individual or organization who is directly responsible for a nonprofit donation. Those indirectly responsible are filed as soft credits. See Soft Credit.
Household Record A record in Kindful that includes multiple contact records that are connected under a family or business relationship.
In-Kind Gift See Non-Cash Gift
Integration The automated sync of data between a third-party service and a database. Kindful integrates with various email marketing, event management, e-commerce and accounting services. (See the growing list here.)
Matching Gift A donation that is matched by another gift of the same amount. Many companies will match the donation of an employee to a nonprofit of their choice.
NCOA Updates Updates made to contact records based on the National Change of Address process.
Non-Cash Gift A non-monetary donation to a nonprofit (like stock, computers, or clothing).
Nonprofit CRM A constituent relationship management software specific to nonprofits. Different from business CRMs, which refer to customer relationship management.
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Fundraising initiatives that utilize individuals or groups of individuals to raise funds or awareness for an organization through their social networks. See Crowdfunding.
Pledge A commitment from a donor to give a certain dollar amount over a specified period of time.
Real Time Activity Feed A live-updating account of all activity within the Kindful database. The top of the list has the most recent recording of data into Kindful.
Report "A compilation of targeted data from a database. Common reports to know:
  LYBUNT: Report of donors who gave “last year, but unfortunately not this” year.
  SYBUNT: Report of donors who have “some years, but unfortunately not this” year.
  Lapsed: Report of donors who have a history of giving, but have not donated for a specified number of years.
Sandbox The Kindful Sandbox is a temporary test area to view data you've imported. You get to the Sandbox by using the Data Import Wizard. While in Sandbox, you're able to see what your recent import looks like in the database alongside your other data. Once you've checked your data for errors, you can either finalize the import and fully transfer it into Kindful, or wipe the Sandbox and start over. See Data Import Wizard.
Scheduled Report A report that is saved and scheduled to be generated and emailed to a designated recipient at a designated time.
Segment A group of constituents based on a specified set of criteria. For example, a large pool of donors can be segmented into a group based on a specific location. See Group.
Snailer This historical term has been replaced by Email / Letter Templates.
Soft Credit CRM designation for an individual or organization who is not directly responsible for a donation but should still be credited and acknowledged. Soft credits can be applied to any donor who has given through another source (like a spouse, employer, or foundation). See Hard Credit.
Solicitation Any appeal made for a donation whether online, via postal mailing, or in person.
Split Transaction A donation that is designated to more than one Campaign.
Task Management The ability to assign specific tasks to any user within the Kindful database. See Tasks.
Tasks A Kindful term for an admin user's assignment. A tasks can be created by any admin user with correct permission level, and will automatically send email reminders when the due date approaches.
Team A fundraiser that has joined a Crowdfunding campaign, and can now invite others to give to or join their team in support of the charity's cause. See Crowdfunding
Team Captain The moderator or administrator of a specific Crowdfunding Team page. The Team Captain can typically add descriptions, photos, tag lines, and set goals for their Team page. See Crowdfunding.
Transaction Any monetary entry into the Kindful database. This can be created automatically when a donation is made on a Kindful donation page or through manual entry inside the database. Also known as gift or donation.



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