Inviting Team Captains and Members to a Cause

This article explains how to invite contacts or other people to fundraise with a Cause.


Use Teams and Team Members to effectively raise money towards your overall goals. Read on to see the ways to invite people to create fundraising pages for your organization.

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Inviting Individuals

In Kindful, click Fundraising on the left sidebar. Go to the Crowdfunding page, and select the Cause you'd like to invite supporters to join.

Select Invite new Supporter* and a window will appear. On the left, you can begin typing in a contact's name, and then select that contact from the list. On the right, enter in new information to simultaneously invite that person and add their record to Kindful. Press Send to invite. Press Send and Reopen to invite another person directly after.

*Footnote: Listed above is Invite new Supporter. "Supporter" may be different depending on what you entered when creating your Cause.

Once the invited Team Member verifies from the link in the invitation email, they'll have the chance to set up and customize their Team Page. 

Inviting a Group

In Kindful, go to Crowdfunding, and select the Cause you'd like to invite supporters to join.

Select Invite Group and a window will appear. Select the Group dropdown and choose which Group you'd like to send invitations to. Choose to send the contacts in that Group an email invitation, or if you'd like to Create Teams from those members automatically.

The Create Teams option is great for inviting people like Board Members. This option will create their Team automatically, so all they have to do is share with their friends and family the link to their Team Page. Send Email is a great option either way, as people will either have to confirm and create their Team (if the Create Teams box is unchecked), or they'll get to customize their Team (if the Create Teams box is checked). 

What if "Invite new" Doesn't Appear?

If the option to invite new individuals or Groups doesn't show, this is likely because your Cause's start date is in the future. Change the start date by going to Crowdfunding, then select Edit next to the Cause you need to change. Under the Summary tab, look for Start Date and select that line to change the date. Once the date is current (or in the past), the Invite new option will appear.

Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member. 

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