Import Statuses (API)


Whether you are creating an import via the Kindful App or via the Kindful API, your import "job" will have a status every step of the way. While some statuses only show when you are importing via the Kindful App, others will only show if you are importing via the Kindful API. Below is a list of all statuses and their meanings.

Started (Kindful App Only) - If you create a new import in the UI and do not submit

Consolidated - When consolidation worker is used to combine imports into one import

Removed - Legacy status (from v1 of Kindful)

Mapped (Kindful App Only) - If you create a new import in the UI, this status will show when fields have been mapped

Ready - When we receive a job from import API, this is the initial status prior to running

Scheduled - A scheduled job that is queued up to import. Kindful imports are worked on one by one.

Pending - A alterternative status for 'Scheduled' or 'Ready'

Working - Import job is running. There will only ever be one 'working' job per app, per org

Complete - Import job has completed

Load_failed - files failed to load due to wrong file type or data in the file. If there is any standard error during the import, it will be marked with this general error.

Failed - Import job TAR file not present

Setup_failed - Prior to mapping import if error occurs in import setup worker

Error - If you send in data that we cannot process - we will note more in the error response

404 Page not Found - If you send in a request to missing/mistyped endpoint or contain no or wrong authorization 

Have you received an error status or have an import job stuck in "Ready," "Scheduled," "Pending," or "Working?" Contact us and we can investigate.

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