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This article gives an explanation of how various Permissions function within Kindful. Beginning with how to assign Permissions to your admin users, the article then explains each Permission level and its access to features.

Permission levels cannot be created by Admin users.

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What is a Permission?

Permissions (previously referred to in Kindful as Roles) are designed to give admin users access to only the areas of Kindful they need. If an admin user only needs to input data, then they likely don't need access to the account's billing information or user management. In this case, the set Permission would deny access to account settings, but allow access to data entry.

In Kindful, there are 4 levels of Permissions: Account Owner, Staff, Basic Data Entry, and View Only. Each Permission level is outlined below.

Of Note: Kindful allows for multiple concurrent users accessing the system.

Assigning Permissions

Log in to Kindful, click your name and access the drop-down in the upper right corner and select Account.


Then, select View in the Users block, or access your User settings through Quick Setup. 


Note: Editing a current user will show options to change that user's permissions, granting access to different functions. Editing takes you to the same options as inviting a new user, but won't send the initial invitation email.

After selecting Invite a New User, you'll need to enter First nameLast name, their Position, an Email address for that person, and then what level of Permissions they'll be granted. After entering all these details, you can Send an invitation and that person will be invited as a new Kindful user with the Permissions you've designated.

Permission level: Account Owner

Account Owner users have access to everything, including user administration, and can access Kindful invoices and billing info. At least 1 admin user with Account Owner level is required; you can have multiple Account Owner users in your Kindful account.

Example users: Executive Director, Database Administrator

Permission level: Staff

Staff users have access to view and edit almost everything in Kindful. Staff users can't access Kindful invoices and billing info. Staff users can't create, edit or delete Account Owner users.

Example users: Development Officers, Fundraisers

Permission level: Basic Data Entry

Basic Data Entry users have access to view and edit Contacts. They may be reaching out to contacts or doing basic data entry such as updating addresses, adding or editing notes or tasks. They can enter transactions, but cannot otherwise view or edit any existing financial data in Kindful. Basic Data Entry users do not have access to Kindful settings or advanced features or tools.

Example users: Volunteers, Interns

Permission level: View Only

View Only users have access to view all contacts and Financial data. However, they do not have access to add, edit, or delete records, nor do they have access to advanced features or Kindful settings.

Example users: Accountants, Consultants, Board Members

Permissions in detail: by feature and user type

This following chart shows specific Kindful features, delineated by Permission levels and their access to those features.

Feature Account Owner Staff Basic Data Entry View Only
View contact data Yes Yes Yes Yes
View contact data (contacts, notes, outreaches, mailings, etc) Yes Yes Yes Yes
View Groups Page Yes Yes No Yes
View financial data Yes Yes No Yes
View financial data (transactions, SC, NCG, pledges) Yes Yes No Yes
Wealth Insights Yes Yes No Yes
Basic data entry Yes Yes Yes No
Create and edit contacts and notes Yes Yes Yes No
Create other types of records (transactions, soft credits, pledges, non-cash gifts) Yes Yes Yes No
Advanced data management Yes Yes No No
Edit other types of records (transactions, soft credits, pledges, non-cash gifts) Yes Yes No No
Bulk edit contacts Yes Yes No No
Bulk edit activities Yes Yes No No
Import tool Yes Yes No No
Merge contacts Yes Yes No No
Archive data Yes Yes No No
Delete records Yes Yes No No
Address Verification (NCOA scrub) Yes Yes No No
Basic workflow Yes Yes Yes No
View, create, and edit tasks Yes Yes Yes No
Advanced workflow Yes Yes No No
Create, edit, and delete Groups Yes Yes Create Only No
Acknowledgements Yes Yes No No
Email & letter templates Yes Yes No No
Delete tasks Yes Yes No No
Searching and reporting Yes Yes Some Some
Use basic non-financial filters Yes Yes Yes Yes
Use basic financial filters Yes Yes No Yes
Generate standard report Yes Yes Yes No 
Advanced filters Yes Yes No Yes 
Custom reporting Yes Yes Yes No 
Fundraising Yes Yes No No
Crowdfunding settings and results Yes Yes No No
Campaign settings Yes Yes No No
Donation page settings Yes Yes No No
Donation Plugin settings Yes Yes No No
Registration forms and results Yes Yes No No
Text to Donate settings Yes Yes No No
Account management Yes Some No No
App Directory and connect apps Yes Yes No No
All other (non-user mgmt) settings Yes Yes No No
User management Yes Some No No
View invoices Yes No No No
Billing info Yes No No No


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