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You contacts can create a Kindful donor login (donor account) to print tax summaries, reprint donation receipts, update billing info, and more. This can be done with or without making a donation. This article explores donor accounts. See below to understand the process and importance of confirming a donor account.

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Creating a Donor Account

It’s easy for donors to create their own Kindful account, where they can see a list of all their donations with your organization.

First, a donor will go to one of your donation pages. A typical way to get to one is using the following link combination:


In the top right, the donor will select Have a donor account? Sign in


From here, the donor can either log in to an existing Kindful account, or create a new one on the right.


Finally, the donor will receive an email with the subject line “Confirmation Instructions”. They’ll select Confirm my account to complete the process.


Here’s a sample view of a donor account.


Importance of a Donor Confirming Their Account

If a donor uses your donation page to donate online, and they never create/confirm their own donor account, a duplicate contact will be created each time they complete a transaction.

In order to stop duplications from occurring, the donor must confirm their account. Since each email address is unique, when a donor confirms their account (which also confirms their email address), any donations made with that email address on file will automatically merge together.  After that confirmation is complete, your donor will be able to see all of their giving history in one place.

Using the "Has Signed In" Filter

A helpful filter to use that will enable you to check to see if one of your donors has created a donor account, is the “Has Signed In” filter.

  1. Go to your Contacts page and filter for the contact in question “By Name.”
  2. Add the filter “Has Signed In: Yes.”

If the contact you had filtered for is still there, that means that they have created an account. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have confirmed their account, but it does mean that they have gone through the first step of creating their account.


Asking a Donor to Create Account
There is an immense value in getting your contacts and donors to create accounts as is outlined in this article. Here's a quick step-by-step email you could send to your donors to set up their account:
Hi {First Name},
We've recently switched to Kindful as our new donor management system. We would love for you to create a donor account within Kindful by following these steps:
1. Go to (use your subdomain here) and click the 'Sign In' option in the top right corner.
2. Please fill out the fields to create a new donor account. If you've made donations to us in the past, you'll want to use the same email address associated with your past gifts. Please note this will create a new, temporary account, and it will not show your full donation history until you complete steps 3 and 4.
3. Once you click submit, you'll receive a confirmation email to verify your account.
4. Once you've confirmed your email, you'll then be able to login to your donor account to update your contact info, manage recurring donations and download tax summaries/receipts.

Updating a Donor Account

Once a donor creates a donor account, they cannot change their username. They will need to use the email they entered when creating the account to be able to sign into their donor account.  

Your donor can update the email address on file, which will update the way your organization communicates with them. However, this action does not change their username. Even if a donor updates their email address on file, they will still need to use the original email address they entered when first creating their account to be able to log in successfully.

Error When Selecting Confirmation Link in Email

If a donor reaches an error when they try to select the link in the confirmation email, most often they reach an error because they’ve already confirmed their account, and have likely clicked the link twice.

If the donor is certain they haven't confirmed their account, they may be trying to confirm a different email address than the one they used to create their account.

Resend Confirmation Instructions / Password Reset

If your donor needs to reset their password, or if they didn’t receive confirmation instructions to confirm their account, you or your donor can request this information be sent to them via the Sign-In/Sign-Up page associated with your org's Kindful page.

Does My Donor Need an Account to Donate?

No. Creating a donor account is always optional.  Anyone can donate through your Kindful donation pages and/or plugins without ever creating an account. 

If I Have a Donor Record for Someone, Does That Automatically Give Them an Account?

No. For security purposes, admins cannot create a donor's account on their behalf.  When you are looking at a donor's record as an admin, this does not mean that the donor has created an account themselves.  In order to see who has created an account, refer to the instructions on using the "has signed in" filter above.  

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