The Dashboard shows all your data in quickly readable formats. From contacts to transactions and everything in between, the Dashboard is a great place to get an overview of how your organization is performing.

Dashboard overview

See a broad overview of the Kindful Dashboard.


  • 0:18 Up-to-date
  • 0:28 Contacts & Transactions
  • 0:40 More tools

Contacts and activities

The pillars of any organization, contacts and transactions are shown in a variety of ways on the dashboard.


  • 0:10 Contacts
  • 0:24 New contacts
  • 0:40 Activities

Additional resources

Transactions, acknowledgements, and pledges

All three of these data types are available to view on your Kindful dashboard.


  • 0:09 Transactions
  • 0:21 Graphs
  • 0:43 Automatic Transactions, Offline Transactions
  • 0:56 Acknowledgements
  • 1:19 Pledges

Additional resources


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