Emma: Getting Started

This article first explains how to connect your Kindful account to Emma. Secondly, this article explains how to map your contact data from Kindful to Emma to ensure details are synced correctly. Finally, the bottom part of this article contains consideration information in regard to syncing groups and using Split test emails in Emma.

Before you begin: important notes

There are a few things to keep in mind when using Emma with Kindful:

Emma supports multiple groups of the same name and Kindful does not. In the event that a duplicate group exists in Emma, it will sync into Kindful with the name and a string of numbers behind it so you can differentiate the group in Kindful.

Prior to the initial sync between Emma and Kindful, if there are groups that exist in Emma that have the same name as groups that already exist in Kindful, these groups will be merged.  For example, if there is a "Members" group in both Emma and Kindful before the initial sync occurs, after the sync, both groups will contain the same contacts. 

Emma allows for Split test emails to be sent. The stats from these types of emails will not sync info Kindful.

Step 1 – Connecting to Emma

In Kindful, go to Apps on the left sidebar. Find Emma, and choose Learn more.

Select Connect.


You'll be redirected to Emma’s website. Log in with your credentials.

After logging in, you'll be redirected back to Kindful’s App Directory. There will be a status line showing that you are connected to Emma.

Emma will not begin syncing until you Configure Mapping.

Step 2 – Configure mapping

Mapping refers to the process of designating how specific contact fields in Kindful should be translated to Emma. This way, when a Kindful contact contains a first name, last name, work email, and personal email, that data gets transferred appropriately to similar labels in Emma.

Begin the mapping process by selecting Configure Mapping.


each Emma field to the corresponding Kindful field.


When you've completed your mapping, make sure to Save.


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