Emma Email Integration

Kindful integrates directly with Emma for your email marketing needs. This is a powerful integration that keeps contacts in sync.


  • Automatically add new members to your Emma Audience when you create new records in Kindful

  • Sync contact details in real time 

  • Track the results of your Emma email campaigns, including subscribes, unsubscribes, click-thru-rates and more, all inside Kindful

  • Combine your donor data in Kindful to your email marketing data in Emma to see the full picture of your donors, creating more informed and effective fundraising campaigns

  • Capitalize on Kindful’s intuitive reporting to understand everything, from big picture email campaigns to specific donor behavior and online donation preferences 

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Sync Behavior Overview

Contact Fields

The integration gives you the flexibility to map Emma contact fields to the Kindful contact fields. There are a few protections to help keep your data safe from Emma field changes: 

For fields which have been mapped:

  1. Clearing a value from a field in Kindful will NOT clear the existing value in the corresponding Emma field. 
  2. Updating a field in Kindful will overwrite the existing value in the corresponding Emma field.
  3. Updating a field in Emma will overwrite the existing value in the corresponding Kindful field for only the following Kindful fields: First Name, Last Name, Spouse First Name, and Spouse Last Name. 
  4. Emma will update blank fields in Kindful. 

Syncing Groups

Kindful Groups sync directly with Emma Groups. What this means is that when you are connected to Emma, and you create a Group in Kindful, that Group will sync to Emma with the same name, and the same associated Contact records. If the contact records already exist in Emma, they will receive this Group labeling in Emma to match the Kindful Group sync. Contacts that manage a "Subscription" in Emma does not have any effect on their Group status in Kindful.

Do note that Emma supports multiple groups of the same name and Kindful does not. In the event that a duplicate group exists in Emma, it will sync into Kindful with the name and a string of numbers behind it so you can differentiate the group in Kindful.

Prior to the initial sync between Emma and Kindful, if there are groups that exist in Emma that have the same name as groups that already exist in Kindful, these groups will be merged.  For example, if there is a "Members" group in both Emma and Kindful before the initial sync occurs, after the sync, both groups will contain the same contacts. 

Split Emails 

Emma allows for Split test emails to be sent. The stats from these types of emails will not sync info Kindful.

How to Connect

Head to Apps > App Directory from your menu bar

Scroll through the list to locate Emma; click Learn More


Click the button to Connect (twice) and sign into your Emma account to Authorize the connection.




You will perform a mapping exercise to complete the setup, and once this is done, your contacts will begin flowing between applications.


Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member. 


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