Zapier: Creating a Kindful Zap


This article explains the entire process for making a Zap. A Zap is an automated workflow in Zapier that connects a Trigger (activity from one app) to an Action (activity in Kindful). 

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Adding Kindful to your Zapier account

Once your new account is ready, you must add Kindful to your Zapier account via a special invitation link, found here.

Note: At this time, you will not be able to find Kindful from Zapier's app directory. The only way to get the two connected is the above link.

Copy and paste this invite-only link into the same browser window where you're already logged into Zapier. You will see an invitation page that looks like the video below.

Press Accept Invite & Go To Dashboard to add the Kindful to your Zapier account.

Step 1 – Make a Zap

Look for the Make a Zap button on the top of the Zapier website.

Zapier prides itself on providing a very intuitive and easy interface for new users to build integrations. Each small step is fully explained in the Zap Editor, and Zapier requires every Zap to be built slowly, step-by-step.

Step 2 – Connect a trigger app

You are first asked to Choose a Trigger App. This is one aspect of the process that can be confusing to new users.

Zapier is organized into Triggers, Searches, and Actions.

At the moment, Kindful’s integration only includes Actions. This means that at the beginning of the Make a Zap process, you will not be able to search for the Kindful app. You need to come up with and appropriate Trigger first. For example, Google Contacts would make for a good Trigger app, as would a form submission via Wufoo or Salesforce.

Choose your Trigger app by either using the search bar or choosing from popular apps.

Select which trigger you'd like to use.

Select Connect a New Account to sign in to your Trigger app.

A window will open that will allow you to log in to the app you want to use.


Your account will appear. You can test the connection by pressing Test. Assuming all goes well, select Save + Continue.


Depending upon what app you choose as a Trigger, there may be selections you have to make.

Using Mailchimp as an example: you would need to choose the Mailchimp List you want to sync with Kindful. After selecting, press Continue.


You'll be alerted that the connection is successful. Choose Continue.



Step 3 – Connect to Kindful's Action app

Once the Trigger is set up you can create an Action with Kindful. When you attempt to search for the new app inside the Zap Builder, be sure to search for the word Kindful.

Here's a GIF that shows the second part of the Make a Zap! process: finding the Kindful app in the search box.


what you would like the incoming data to do in Kindful (i.e. are you creating a Person Contact or Organization Contact? Are you creating a Transaction?).


Select Connect a New Account. If you're already logged into Kindful, this will automatically sign you into your account and proceed to the next screen. If not, a login window will appear for you to enter your Kindful credentials.


You can test the connection between Kindful and Zapier by pressing Test. After you've tested, choose Save +  Continue.


This is where you map the Trigger app's source fields (i.e. Mailchimp) to the Action app's source fields (i.e. Kindful). Select the Trigger app's fields from the dropdown menus that match the Kindful fields. When finished, Continue.


Zapier will display the fields you mapped and create a new record in Kindful to test the connection. Create and Continue to move forward.


If the test is successful, select Finish.


Name your Zap and turn it on!



Example Zaps

Here are some example Kindful Zaps that you could create:

Once you get into the Zapier “Triggers, Searches, and Actions” mindset, you’ll come up with all sorts of new Zaps to make your work more efficient.


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