Reporting is a pillar to effectively fundraising. As a nonprofit, it's vital to keep track of your donor's habits, history, and trends. With Kindful as your central data hub, getting a full picture of your donors has never been easier. 

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Reporting overview

See a broad overview of the various reporting features Kindful has to offer. 

Pre-made Templates

There are over a dozen different pre-made templates that allow you to run a report with a few clicks. These reports make it really easy to analyze data without spending time creating your own results. You can follow along with this video by going to the Reports section in Kindful.

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Custom report templates

In addition to the pre-made templates, you can also create your own reports and choose to save them as templates. Kindful makes it easy to see the results you're looking for. You can follow this video by going to the Activities page within Kindful, and begin setting your own filters.


Scheduled reports

Set up a pre-made template or custom template to automatically be run and emailed on a specific time interval. This is a great feature for board members, CEOs, and executive directors. You won't have to depend on any specific user to generate and send the report on a given day when you can have Kindful do it for you.

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Column sets

With every custom report you create, you get to choose which columns appear on that report. This is to keep only the results you're looking for front and center, without creating endless pages. A column set is a pre-selected group of these columns that you add with one click, keeping you from selecting the same columns with every report you create. 

Kindful has created 3 column sets for you, and you can create your own column sets as well.

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Report History

Every report generated in Kindful will live on the Report History page. Use this page to review all previously generated reports as well as get to your downloads quicker.



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