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This article contains specific questions and answers of theGoFundMe Charity integration.

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Why does a transaction show a higher amount in Kindful compared to GoFundMe Charity?

Kindful displays the gross transaction total. It’s important for you to see the gross transaction in Kindful because that is the total amount your donor gave and therefore has tax implications.

GoFundMe Charity displays a “donation amount”. That donation amount might be the gross donation (if the donor did not elect to cover yourGoFundMe Charity fees) or it might be a net amount (if the donor elected to cover your GoFundMe Charity fees).

In order to know what your net transaction is from GoFundMe Charity, please view the transaction in GoFundMe Charity.

Why does GoFundMe Charity add duplicate contacts in Kindful?

Kindful doesn't receive a unique contact ID from GoFundMe Charity that could tie a donor and a team member together. This means if someone with the same name becomes a team member, but also just donates to the organization through GoFundMe Charity, then their contact will be added twice.

Since GoFundMe Charity doesn't send contact info with a unique contact ID, there's currently no way for us to determine if a donation from "John Doe" is from the team member named "John Doe". We therefore aired on the side of caution, and don't automatically assume that 2 GoFundMe Charity contacts with the same name are the same person.

Rather, an admin user can review potential duplicate records in Kindful's Contact Duplicate Finder, and cast judgement on whether or not 2 GoFundMe Charity contacts represent the same person.

Transaction types

Kindful imports transactions processed through GoFundMe Charity as Credit.

Transactions manually entered into GoFundMe Charity are imported to Kindful as Cash.

There is no way to change this behavior.


GoFundMe Charity will automatically send receipts for all online donations.

GoFundMe Charity will NOT send receipts for any donations manually entered. 

 Disconnect GoFundMe Charity

If you want to disconnect your GoFundMe Charity account from Kindful, go to to Apps, App Directory, then App Settings under GoFundMe Charity. Select More, then Disconnect.

All GoFundMe Charity Teams, transactions, Contacts, and records that were imported will remain in your Kindful account, but new transactions and contacts will not sync from GoFundMe Charity.

Registration fees in Kindful

GoFundMe Charity offers organizations the ability to publish an event and take registrations for an event through GoFundMe Charity. The direct registration fee will not flow into Kindful unless the following setting is specified in your GoFundMe Charity account. When creating your event, make sure to reach out to your GoFundMe Charity account manager and ask them to set "Registration as a Donation" in your account so that this data will flow into Kindful. This is an admin only feature and can only be set by your GoFundMe Charity account manager.

Merging Contacts in Kindful

When you merge 2 contacts in Kindful, and both have a GoFundMe Charity ID, the Primary Contact record's GoFundMe Charity ID will remain as the Primary GoFundMe Charity ID. However both GoFundMe Charity IDs are now associated with this Contact in Kindful. Any future GoFundMe Charity transactions for either GoFundMe Charity contact will sync into Kindful's contact record. The contact record will not unmerge. Another duplicate record will not be created.

Contacts who Register for Multiple GoFundMe Charity Events

The GoFundMe Charity Contact ID (external_id in Kindful) is specific to the customer, so each contact will only ever have one GoFundMe Charity ID no matter how many events for which they register in GoFundMe Charity

Sync Frequency 

GoFundMe Charity sends information to Kindful to initiate a sync approximately every hour on the hour. 

Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member. 


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