How Crowdfunding Totals Are Calculated in Kindful


Read below to understand how Kindful's Crowdfunding pages calculate totals. It is vital to understand how transactions need to be assigned and categorized to properly display the totals.

- Creating a Crowdfunding Campaign

Using Pledges in Crowdfunding

Kindful Crowdfunding FAQ

Crowdfunding total logic: One Time Transactions + Pledges - (Refunds + Splits)

Activity trail Sum total logic: Everything that appears on the various line item - inactive transactions (Greyed out in color, Declines, Refunds, Splits)

View only active transactions for a particular Crowdfunding campaign.

1. Create a new Campaign related to your Crowdfunding campaign in same way as an existing Crowdfunding campaign, such as "Crowdfunding Name (Internal Use Only)."

2. Use the following filter (Crowdfunding campaign Name + All Transactions) to bulk edit all activities associated with a Crowdfunding campaign EXCEPT one-time transactions, and assign those other activities to the internal campaign for this Crowdfunding campaign.

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