Reassigning GoFundMe Charity Campaigns to New Funds


Read the article below to see how to reassign GoFundMe Charity Campaigns to New Funds.

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As can be seen in more detail on the setup article linked above, there are three transaction types that can be made in GoFundMe Charity, and there are three ways Kindful imports these transactions:

1) Event Transactions -- Any Event transactions go to a newly created Campaign a Campaign called "GoFundMe Charity Event: <Event Name>"

2) Independent Team Transactions -- All non-event Team transactions will go to a newly created Campaign called, "GoFundMe Charity: Independent Teams"

3) Direct-to-Charity Transactions -- All non-event, non-Team transactions will go to a newly created Campaign called "GoFundMe Charity: Direct-to-Charity Transactions"

When hooking up the integration for the first time, your team/your organization is prompted to choose a default Fund that you would like all of these newly created Campaigns to be assigned to. If, after initial setup, or as new campaigns are created in GoFundMe Charity, you will be able to reassign each of these Campaigns to a new Fund in Kindful by following these steps:

1) (In Kindful) click Fundraising from the left navigation menu. 
2) Choose Campaigns.
3) Click on the edit box next to the Campaign name
4) On the edit Campaign page, select a new Fund and Save
5) Now, all transactions associated with that Campaign will be associated to that Fund

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