Install the Kindful Donation Plugin on SpaceCraft


This article explains how to place Kindful's Donation Plugin on a website built with SpaceCraft. 

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Quick instructions

Get the embed code from Kindful > Fundraising > Donation Plugins. Click Get Embed Code for the specific plugin you're wanting to use.

Go to your SpaceCraft site editor, select or create the page onto which you want to embed the donation form.

Click the plus button then choose HTML to add a new HTML element to the selected page.

Paste the embed code in the code box and choose Save.

Getting the Donation Plugin embed code

In Kindful, go to Fundraising, on the left sidebar, then choose Donation Plugins.

If you haven’t set up a Donation Plugin, select New Plugin to create one.

Learn more about creating a Donation Plugin here.

Once you have a Donation Plugin created, select Get embed code.


Choose Copy to Clipboard to copy the code.


Pasting code in SpaceCraft

Go to SpaceCraft website, select Log in and sign in with your credentials.


Select the Content tab and choose the page that you want to embed your Plugin on, or Add New Pages to create new pages.


Select the plus button 
 at the desired position on your page, then choose HTML.


Paste the embed code into the content box of the HTML section.


Select Save to save the changes, or revert if you want to cancel the changes.  


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