Golden Volunteer: Overview, Connecting, & Pricing

This article gives an overview of the Golden integration with Kindful, and shows you how to connect Golden to your Kindful account.

Overview of the Golden integration

The sync between Kindful and Golden has a bit of a roadmap to it, laid out as follows:

You (as the org) use both Golden and Kindful. You post Opportunities (volunteer events) on Golden.

Your volunteers will use Golden, not Kindful (their info in Golden will automatically be added to your Kindful account).

Volunteers respond that they're Down to Volunteer (they sign up to volunteer on Golden).

A contact is created if one does not exist in Kindful already. Otherwise, current contacts are updated with new data.

After the volunteer event occurs, the volunteer's contact record is updated in Kindful:

  • Status of Passed Background Check is added to Kindful (Yes/No)
  • Total hours volunteered by a volunteer is added to contact records in Kindful
  • Volunteer Rating is added to contact records in Kindful
  • A Volunteer Note is created in Kindful associated with the contact
  • Campaign is created linked to the Volunteer event
  • The Campaign can consist of Non Cash Gifts as created by Golden Volunteer events

Connecting Golden to Kindful

Log in to Kindful, and go to Apps on the left sidebar.

Find Golden on the list and select Learn More, then Visit Site. You'll be redirected to Golden's website.

Select LOG IN in the top right and enter your Golden credentials.

Once you're logged in, go to your Golden Settings and then Integrations. Find Kindful and select INTEGRATE.


Enter your Kindful credentials to complete the authorization.

How it looks: in Golden

After you have the Golden integration connected, you can create an Opportunity by going to Opportunities on the left sidebar and select ADD OPPORTUNITY.


After you've created an Opportunity and a volunteer has responded as DTV (down to volunteer), here's what it looks like in Golden when you go to Overview.


After the volunteer has finished the Opportunity, this is what it looks like when you go to Insights.


How it looks: in Kindful

After you have the Golden connected and an Opportunity has been concluded, heres what that data will look like in Kindful.

This is what the background check info looks like when you look at a Contact record. It displays as a Contact Custom Field.


After an Opportunity has concluded, you can see the an Event Note added when you go to Activities.


You can also see that activity added when you look at an individual Contact record.

Golden pricing

Golden Volunteer has pricing tiers, but there is also special pricing for Kindful customers. Reach out to Golden directly for details. 


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