Bulk Edit Activities

Using the Bulk Edit feature, you can make changes to as many transactions as you would like. 

From the Activities page (in the drop-down menu for the Contacts & Activities section), the first thing you'll need to do is apply a filter. Once you do, you'll see a Bulk Edit button in the right sidebar. You can also bulk edit contact profile information on the Contacts page (also found in the drop-down menu for the Contacts & Activities section). 

Note: If you're looking to apply a change to all the transactions in your database, you could apply the filter "Before Date" and use tomorrow's date. 


A modal window will then open and you can choose which field you want to update.

In this example, there are three fields you can edit en masse. These fields are Acknowledged, Campaign, and Non-tax deductible amount


Let's look at some scenarios for these options.  

- If you import a pile of transactions that have already been thanked, you might want to change them to Acknowledged: Yes (from the resulting "Acknowledged" drop-down field).  

- If you're using Stripe Create or our Square integration, all transactions come into a single campaign. You can use this tool to reassign those to a different campaign (from the resulting "Campaign" drop-down field). You can also further assign these to a cause and a cause team member (from the resulting "Cause" and "Team Member" drop-down fields).

- If you collected a bunch of donations for an event and decided to provide a free T-shirt (worth $10) to all who donated, you could mark the $10 amount as non-tax deductible for a group of transactions (from the resulting "Non-tax deductible amount" drop-down field).

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