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Oh no! You just entered 231 transactions in Kindful and accidentally assigned them to the wrong campaign! I guess you're going to have to spend the next three hours editing each transaction to reassign it, right? Guess again. Using the Bulk Edit feature, you can make certain changes to as many transactions as you'd like with just a few clicks.

There are currently three qualities you can edit en masse: 1) Acknowledged: Yes/No, 2) Campaign, and 3) Non-tax deductible amount. From the Activities page, the first thing you'll need to do is apply a filter. Once you do, you'll see an option in the right sidebar to Bulk Edit.  Note: if you're looking to apply a change to all the transactions in your database, you could apply the filter "Before Date" and use tomorrow's date.


Once that's done, a modal window will open and you can choose which field you want to update.


Let's look at some use-cases for these options.  

- If you import a pile of transactions that have already been thanked, you might want to toggle them to Acknowledged: Yes.  

- If you're using Stripe Create or our Square integration, all transactions come into a single campaign.  You can use this tool to reassign those to a different campaign.  You can even assign more specifically to a cause and a cause team member if you'd like.

- If you took in a bunch of donations for an event, but decided to throw in a free tee shirt to all who donated, you could mark, say $10, as non-tax deductible for a group of transactions.

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