App Directory Overview


The App Directory allows you to browse through our list of integrated apps, see which ones are currently connected, and get started connecting the ones you need. It’s our singular location to find, explore, and connect to third-party apps and services.

We use integrations to connect Kindful with tools designed to grow your nonprofit. Kindful is your data hub, while integration partners are extensions, sharing data to enhance your experience with both Kindful and each service.

You can find the App Directory by going to Apps on the sidebar, and clicking on App Directory.  

We have support articles for most of our integration partners. Learn more here.




A quick look through the directory will show you that all the integrations are organized alphabetically.

As you connect to more integrations, these connected services will move to the bottom of the directory, while non-connected ones will remain at the top.

You’ll also see a small, green banner on the top right of your connected apps to inform you of their connection status.


Connecting To An App

When you find an app that you want to connect to, select Learn More. You’ll find a summary of what that service provides, and a list of actions depending on the integration.


Editing An App's Settings

Some apps will have options to customize how they sync with Kindful. To view or change these settings, go to your connected apps at the bottom of the App Directory and click App Settings for the app you’d like to edit.

From there, each app will have its own set of directions to change integration or sync settings.

App Settings is also where you go to disconnect from a connected app.


Alternate Options

If Kindful doesn't offer the app you're looking for, consider using Zapier, one of our integration partners. Learn more about Zapier here and see how to get connected here.


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