Square: Overview, Setup, & Operating


Integrate and use Square for a fundraiser your organization will be having.

This article explores the details of Square and how to use it with your Kindful account. Included is an overview of the integration and its setup, pricing details, and how to correctly use Square with Kindful. 

Historical transactions will not be imported when you connect Square to Kindful. Export your transactions from Square and then import them to Kindful using the self-import tool.

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Square Overview

You can now take donations at your event using Square. With the Square application for iOS and Android, you can take direct swipe/dip/tap donations in person, and have the data flow seamlessly into Kindful.

And best of all, you don't have to Kindful anything extra for this feature.

Square Setup

Download the free Square app (called Point of Sale) on an iOS or Android device to be used to take donations at your event.

Note: The device must have a data connection. If you are taking payments where no WiFi is available, that device must have a cellular connection.

Create your Square account unless you already have one.

In Kindful, select App Directory > Apps in the left navigation, find Square, and select Learn More.

Select Connect.

Log in with your Square account.

You'll be redirected back to Kindful.

Taking Donations with Square

Once Square is set up and you have at least a card reader, let's go over how to take a donation.

Note: It is extremely important you follow these steps exactly. Failing to do so can result in inaccurate or incomplete contact and transaction records, including duplicative contacts named "Unknown Square Donor".

IMPORTANT: In the Note field to the left of the donation amount, you must enter the donor name and email in the following format:

Firstname Lastname, email@email.com

For example: Jeremy Bolls, hi@kindful.com (see image below).

First, you'll need a data connection or WiFi on your iOS or Android device. With the Square Point of Sale app launched on your mobile device, key in the amount for the donation.

This formatting will ensure that your donor information comes into Kindful. If you deviate from the formatting above, the transaction will be imported into Kindful, but the contact information will be incomplete or marked as anonymous. If you plan to have others help in taking donations through Square, make sure they are familiar with the correct process, so you get the best data possible from your event.

A method with which we've found success is: "I'd love to attach your name to this donation. Could I also get your email so I can send you a receipt?"

We're always working on this integration, so stay tuned for updates to this part. 

Square Devices

There is a magstripe card reader (pictured below) that Square will ship you free of charge when you create an account. This will allow you to swipe credit cards using the Square Point of Sale app.




If you'd like, there's also a contactless/chip reader option for processing Apple Pay, Android Pay, and EMV (chip) credit cards

Note: chip reader cannot process non-chipped cards.




There is also a register stand that will mount an iPad for your donation station.


Using Square on a Phone

Start by entering the donation amount. Then select Note.


Enter in the exact formatting as listed above: Firstname Lastname, email.


Once you've entered the name and email, select the blue Charge button above the keypad.

The next screen will give you several options for charging, but with your Square reader connected you can swipe the card to complete the transaction.


Using Square on a Tablet

If you're collecting your donations on a tablet, the note field is accessed in a slightly different way.

Enter the donation amount, and select Current Sale.


Select Custom Amount.



Enter in the exact formatting as listed above: Firstname Lastname, email.


Continue on with the donation, and use whichever reader you have based on the payment method. 

Viewing Square Donations in Kindful

Within a few moments, the transaction will sync to Kindful.

You'll be able to see Square activity on your activity feed (similar to all other transactions), but it will filter and show specifically as a Square transaction.

A Campaign named "Square" will be automatically created in Kindful, and all transactions will go to that Campaign. This setting cannot be changed; however, once transactions are in Kindful, you can always reassign them using the Bulk Edit Transactions tool.

Learn more about Bulk Edit here.


Pricing for Square

At the time of this writing, Square will process transactions for a 2.6% transaction fee for any swipe/dip/tap transactions.

Any credit cards that are keyed in manually have a 3.5% + $0.15 transaction fee.

Square is its own payment gateway and works independently of Stripe, Authorize.net, and PayPal, so you should not pay any additional fees on top of that. 

Learn more about Square pricing here.

Square Support

Should you encounter any issues with Square, you can get help on Square's support page

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