Square + Kindful: Take Donations Anywhere

Do you need a way to take donations onsite and in person at your next event?


You can now take donations at your event via Square.  With the Square application for iOS and Android, you can take direct swipe/dip/tap donations in person, and have the data flow seamlessly into Kindful.  And best of all, you don't have to pay us a cent to turn on the feature!


Here's How:

  1. Download the free Square application (called Point of Sale) to an iOS or Android device to be used to take donations at your event.
  2. Create your Square account (unless you already have one to use for fundraising).
  3. In your Kindful account under Tools > App Directory, choose Square
  4. Click the "Connect" button
  5. Log in with your Square account that will be used to collect funds
  6. You will be redirected back to Kindful (Note: a Campaign named "Square" will be automatically created and all transactions will go to that Campaign.  Once transactions are in Kindful, you can always reassign them using the Bulk Edit Transactions tool)
  7. There is a magstripe card reader (pictured above) that Square will ship you free of charge when you create an account, this will allow you swipe credit cards in tandem with the Square application.  If you would like, there is also a contactless/chip reader option for processing Apple Pay, Android Pay, and EMV (chip) credit cards (keep in mind this device cannot process non-chipped cards).



    There is also a register stand that will mount an iPad for your donation station.



At the time of this writing, Square will process transactions for a 2.75% transaction fee for any swipe/dip/tap transactions.  Any credit cards that are keyed in manually have a 3.5% + $0.15 transaction fee.  Square is its own payment gateway and works independently of Stripe, Authorize.net, and PayPal, so you should not pay any additional fees on top of that.  For more information, visit Square's website.

Did I mention there are no additional charges from Kindful to enable this feature?

The Kindful-Square Integration in Action

Now that you've got Square set up and have your card reader, let's go over how to actually take a donation.

First off, you will need a data connection or WiFi to your iOS or Android device.  With the Square application launched on your mobile device, key in the amount for the donation:


THE NEXT STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT!  In the Note field to the left of the donation amount, you must enter the donor name and email in the following format:

"Firstname Lastname, email@email.com"

So for instance, "Jeremy Bolls, hi@kindful.com" (see image below).

The way the integration is designed, the formatting will ensure that your donor information comes into Kindful.  If you deviate from the formatting above, the transaction will be imported into Kindful, but the contact information will be incomplete or marked as anonymous.  If you plan to have others help in taking donations via this method, make sure they are familiar with the correct process so you get the best data possible from your event.

A method with which we've found success is: "I'd love to attach your name to this donation, could I have that please?  And could I get your email so I can send you a receipt?"

We're actively working on this integration, so stay tuned for updates to this part.


Once you've entered the name and email, simply choose the blue "Charge $X.XX" option above the keypad.  The next screen will give you several options for charging, but with your Square reader connected you can swipe the card to complete the transaction.


Within a few moments, the transaction will sync to Kindful.


Should you encounter any issues with Square, you can get help on Square's support page.  You can also always reach us at support@kindful.com.  And don't forget, this is yet another Kindful integration brought to you at no additional charge!

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