Payment (for Stripe): Overview, Setup, Operating

This article explains how to use the Payment app to take to mobile donations, and shows how it syncs into Kindful.

Overview of Payment

You can now take donations at your event via Payment and a card reader. With the Payment  application for iOS and Android, you can take direct swipe/dip donations in person, process them via your Stripe account, and have the data flow seamlessly into Kindful.

Set up Payment

Download the free Payment application to an iOS or Android device.

The app will prompt you to log in to your Stripe account. If you don't already have banking information connected with Stripe, the application will prompt you to add that next.

Once you’re all set up, email There is an enabled Kindful feature called Stripe Create that we'll need to turn on to make Payment work.

Using Payment

First, make sure you have a data (LTE/4G) connection or WiFi on the device you're using.

With the Payment app open on your device, enter the donation on the amount screen.


Once the amount is entered, tap Next in the top right.

On the card screen that follows, swipe or dip their card using the connected card reader to fill in the payment fields. Then click the Customers icon to add their information.

2.png   3.png

Note: There is an "Existing Customer" section which will allow you to select the contact/card and bypass the swipe process altogether.  

As you'll read on this screen, all fields are optional. However, make sure to capture at least the donor's name and email, so that 1) you can create their contact in Kindful, and 2) they can receive a receipt.

Important: If you don't fill out this information, you may see transactions attached to an unknown contact in Kindful.



After you've finished entering contact info, select Charge in the top right corner.

5.png   6.png

Your donation is now complete, and contact info will appear in Kindful within a few seconds.

Payment pricing

Payment will charge a 1% transaction fee on top of normal Stripe fees, and will process donations immediately to both Stripe and Kindful. The Magtek card reader costs $110.

Learn more about Payment here.

There are no additional charges from Kindful to enable this feature.

Payment support

Should you encounter any issues, you can get help on the Payment support page.


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