Collect: Take Donations Anywhere

Do you need a way to take donations onsite and in person at your next event?


You can now take donations in person at your event via Collect.  With the Collect application for iOS and Android, you can take direct swipe/dip donations in person, process them via your Stripe account, and have the data flow seamlessly into Kindful.


Here's How:

  1. Download the free Collect application to an iOS or Android device to be used to take donations at your event.
  2. The application will prompt you to login to your Stripe account.  If you do not already have banking information connected with Stripe, the application will prompt you to add that next.
  3. Order one of the supported card readers via the Collect website.
  4. Once you’re all set up, email  There is an enabled Kindful feature called Stripe Create that we'll need to turn on to make all this work.


Collect will charge a 1.4% transaction fee on top of normal Stripe fees, and will process donations immediately to both Stripe and Kindful.  The compatible options for a card reader cost $49 for a magstripe card swiper, or $69 for a reader that supports EMV chip credit cards.  For more information, visit Collect's website.

There are no additional charges from Kindful to enable this feature.



Collect is unique in that it also allows you to manage inventory.  This could be anything from your snappy new t-shirt and other swag, to big ticket items at your next gala.  On the main screen when the application is launched, there is a link to switch to Inventory Mode which will allow you to add and manage items, set prices, and create payments on-the-fly.

Collect for Stripe in Action

Now that you've completed the setup for using Collect for Stripe, let's walk through the steps of actually taking a donation.  

First off, you will need a data connection or WiFi to your iOS or Android device.  With the Collect for Stripe application launched on your mobile device, you'll want to start by adding the donor's contact information.  While it might seem instinctive to start with the donation amount, we strongly encourage to begin by adding the customer so your Kindful data will be accurate.  To get started, select the "Customers" option in the top left corner:


Enter the name of the donor, then choose "Add Card":


Swipe the credit card or input the card information manually:


Enter the donor's contact information on the following screen.  All information is optional, but you'll want to capture at least email for the donor's receipt:


Once you're done there, scroll to the bottom and "Create Customer".  You will see the donor information on the next screen, with the option to "Charge Customer":


On the following screen, enter the amount of the donation and press "Continue":


The final step will be to confirm the donation amount:


Once that's done, you'll get a confirmation message that the donation was successful:


The transaction will process via Stripe and the data will flow into Kindful within a few seconds.  All done!  Should you encounter issues, check out the Collect for Stripe support site.

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