Creating a Donation Plugin

With the addition of the Donation Plugin, we have introduced the next level of easy donation management.  You now have the option to allow your donors to stay within your website to contribute a gift.  This process starts with the configuration of your plugin.  

To configure a Donation Plugin, select Tools then Donation Plugins.

You will arrive at the Donation Plugin manager. Select Get Started, or New Plugin.


Give your plugin a name (for your internal use) and assign the Campaign you want transactions from this plugin to go to in Kindful. You can always change this later if needed.


Now it’s time to customize the way your plugin will look.  Start by choosing your button label.  This will be seen by your donors on the button itself.  

Next, choose the color (this can be customized further using a hex code), size, and shape of the button. These updates can be previewed as you make changes on the righthand side.


The pop-up form is the next step in customization.  

You can enter preset donation amounts of your choosing, as well as ability to enable a custom amount entry, which will show up on the pop-up form as other. If you leave any of the preset amounts blank, they will automatically be removed from the pop-up form.  If all the preset amount are blank, the pop-up form will default to allow donors to enter the donation amount of their choosing.

Turn your donors into monthly donors by enabling that option on the pop-up.

You can also give your donors the option to cover the transaction fee for their donation.  Turning this option on for the pop-up form will default for the donor to cover the transaction fee, which means if they do not want to cover the fee, they will simply uncheck that option for themselves.

The preview for the pop-up form updates in real time as you continue to make changes.


In the next step, you will be able to preview what the donor sees as they are submitting their gift.  Select the word you would like to appear as your donors confirm their gift.


The last step in customizing the pop-up form is to add a message thanking your donors after their payment is completed.


Now that you’ve customized your plugin to your heart’s content, you’ll see the code to embed it on your website.  Here are links on articles that outline how to embed the plugin directly on your website using one of the following supported platforms. If you are using a platform other than these for your website, feel free to reach out to to make sure that the plugin will function as expected:

Wordpress -

Squarespace -

Weebly -

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