Donation Plugin FAQ

This guide answers questions we often get about the Donation Plugin.

As a Kindful customer, you can create a Donation Plugin and insert it anywhere on your website. Learn more here.

Which platforms can I install the donation plugin on?


  1. Wordpress
  2. Populr
  3. Squarespace
  4. Weebly

Not supported

  1. Wix. Wix can only offer support for products which have been created and tested by Wix.
    They cannot provide support for elements added through the HTML app such as Javascript or HTML.

**Note: If you have any questions about whether your platform will support the Donation Plugin, please reach out to us at to make sure that the plugin will function as expected on your site.

Which gateways are supported and does the plugin support ACH/EFT?

Stripe & are supported by the plugin for credit card donations. The plugin does not support ACH/EFT donations.

If I edit the settings for the plugin in Kindful, will I need to re-install the code on my site?

No. The plugin settings will update automatically. 

Why is the "x" icon not working to close the window?

If the plugin is embedded on a website that isn't secure, it will redirect to a webpage that Kindful hosts (which is secure). After completing the donation on this new webpage, the plugin automatically closes to bring the donor back to the original page.

Navigating directly to the secure page disables the "x" since the original page (the one housing the Plugin) is being bypassed.

If you came to the secure page by pressing a button from another page, the "x" would exit back to the original page.

See the FAQ Why is the Plugin routing donors to a Kindful hosted page to complete the transaction? to learn more.



Can I launch the plugin's pop-up form from my own button or link? Do I have to use the button created in the editor?

You can use your own elements to launch the Plugin. We support the ability for you to customize the JavaScript to open from any link you specify by changing the lookup type and lookup value.

See separate articles for performing this function on Wordpress, Squarespace and Weebly.

How many plugins can I create?

You can create as many plugins as you need! Our goal is to make it easy for your donors to give at the moment they feel compelled, which will likely be several places across your website.

You can create a plugin for each of your Campaigns and embed each one on its own corresponding page. This eliminates the need for a Campaign dropdown, which removes donor friction and reduces donor abandonment.

What happens if I have both Stripe and Authorize.Net connected?

Stripe is the default gateway for the plugin. 

Why is the Plugin routing donors to a Kindful hosted page to complete the transaction?

If the plugin is routing donors to a Kindful hosted page to complete the transaction, it means that the site the plugin is hosted on is not secure. A secure site will display https:// before the URL. If this is not the case, your site will require an SSL certificate.

See the FAQ Why is the "x" icon not working to close the window? to learn more.

Can you delete a Plugin?

No. We want to protect your donation flow by preventing someone from accidentally deleting an embedded plugin.

What receipt is used for the Plugin? 

The receipt assigned to the Plugin's Campaign.

What are the transactions fees associated with using the Plugin?

Fees are based on your merchant processor (Stripe).

Why isn't there a dropdown menu to choose Campaign?

The Campaign you want transactions to go to will be assigned when creating the Plugin. For multiple Campaigns, use multiple Plugins for different pages on your website, or to track different conversion funnels. Eliminating choices (i.e. selecting a Campaign) reduces donor friction, giving you a higher chance of converting the donor.

Will we receive the donors physical address?

The Plugin collects email address only. This is designed to be the easiest way for donors to give without leaving your site. Fewer fields means easier donating.

If you'd like to collect a physical address, you can use a Kindful donation page, or reach out to the donor in a follow-up email stream.

What about the ability to give to a Cause? Could a Plugin be embedded on a Kindful Cause page?

Causes are assigned to Campaigns. Assign a Plugin to the Campaign that is also being used by a Cause. 

A Cause page already has transaction support and does not need the Plugin.

Why is the Plugin opening a new tab on mobile?

To control the brand experience. The tab closes after the donation occurs.


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