Install the Kindful Donation Plugin on Weebly

 Kindful's Donation Plugin is the easiest way to accept donations anywhere - and to have those donations automatically flow into your Kindful account.


The instructions below walk through adding the Donation Plugin to your Weebly website.Linked Articles

- Create a Donation Plugin

Embedding your donate button to a page on Weebly:

  1. Go to the site in Weebly settings where you want to add the donation plugin.
  2. Select Build.
  3. Select Embed Code in the "Basic" category.
  4. Paste the Embed Code from the Kindful admin.
  5. We recommend "center" position.
  6. Hit publish.  

Using one of your nav-links as a donate button:

  1. View your website and open up developer tools. Grab the id of the link you’re wanting to turn into a donate button (or the link of it’s wrapper div)... ie: #pg252695280940803448 a
  2. Add the Kindful plugin script tag to your website’s head (via the embed-code plugin, or elsewhere). Use ‘jquery-selector’ lookupType option and use your unique jquery selector you found w/ developer tools (ie: “#pg252695280940803448 a”) as lookupValue. If you want button styles applied, leave as is, otherwise set the option: “data-styles-off=’true”.



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