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You may notice that donation receipt emails come from It is possible to customize the "from: email address to your domain. This change affects all transactional emails coming from Kindful (e.g. automatic email receipts, Acknowledgement tool emails, registration form receipts). However, System emails (e.g. password resets, etc.) will continue to come from


This article outlines what you need to do to make changes to your DNS settings so that email receipts for Kindful donations come from your organization's email address, and not from

This will not impact the deliverability of your receipts, but you may want the additional customization so your donors see someone more familiar.

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Change the "from" email address

To allow for this to work, you will need to add two text records to your DNS settings.

Follow the instructions here, and add these two records (SPF and DKIM) on your domain.

Once you're done, let us know at and we can monitor the status!

Read below for a few examples of how to setup DNS settings on popular CMS tools.

The exception to this rule is the "event registration success" email when using our Registration Forms. It always comes from

Change the "reply to" email address

You can also easily change the "reply to" email for emails sent from Kindful. This will allow any donor replies to automatic receipt emails to be sent to an email address of your choosing. You can set this to any email you want, though you will likely want this address to be the same as the one set for your "from" email address. If left blank or if you use a different email than your "from" address some email servers, such as gmail, may mistakenly flag emails as fraudulent. When this field is left blank, donor email replies will be sent to instead of the organization email. Donors will need to communicate directly with your organization for account issues or transaction questions, so we recommend making sure this field is set to your email. 



Click on your name in the top right corner of your Kindful account. Then go to Account, then click Quick Setup. At the bottom of your Organization Details, you'll see Set your 'reply to' email address where you can add the email address you'd like.


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